“Mad Flux”: Adam Levy and Joao Erbetta’s new album celebrates melodies and stories from the three Americas.

American musician Adam Levy is best known for his guitar work with Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman. Guitarist/composer Joao Erbetta—originally from São Paulo, Brazil—has worked with high-energy New York City bands Forro in the Dark and Nation Beat, drawing on the rhythms and melodies of his homeland, as well as on his love for American jazz and rock. These two great guitar men crossed paths many times at famed Lower East Side music club, the Living Room, when the both lived in NYC a few years back. Levy and Erbetta hoped to play together, but never got the chance to because they were so busy with other projects. Both guitarists ultimately left New York for California.

In early 2013, the two were invited to play an independent jazz festival together in San Francisco. Onstage at Cafe du Nord, the sparks were finally free to fly. Immediately after the gig, Levy and Erbetta agreed that they needed to record these fresh sounds because something very special was happening. They did, and the result is “Mad Flux”—their new instrumental guitar album sparked by that fateful gig.


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